Driven to Drink

What drives you to drink?  Or, if you don’t drink, what drives you to emotional places in which you need to suppress the desire to curse, to scream, to snatch a person’s phone from their hands and throw it vehemently across a room?  Or, if you are feeling quite calm, have internal homeostasis…what drives you put in an extra 5k run, a second 45 minute spin class, yoga, or a hot cup of herbal tea with pan flute arrangements playing in the background of a candle-filled, incense-fogged room?  What makes you want to bury your head under the covers, ball up in a fetal position, and pray for a reset?  But really, what drives you to drink? For me, it’s a multitude of things.  For me, the accumulation of rigid and often inconceivable pet peeves (…losing a momentarily favorite pen can usurp most of my attention, throw me into a sympathetic nervous system sweat, and ultimately cause me to rear-end the elderly person ahead of me cautiously rolling through a four-way stop sign…) amounts to an actual mountain consisting of hundreds of insignificant molehills.  But my brain is a catastrophizer, much like the emotional stability of a 12 year old girl attempting to move through a pre-pubescence full of consecutive emergencies. But then, there is also larger stuff, important stuff, professional and global stuff…behaviors and systems and interactions that I see and experience that also drive me to drink.  I want to explore these larger, more important topics as well.  The actual mountains…not the ones created by my anxious, judgmental, worrisome, self-doubtful, slightly obsessive and compulsive brain.  And we will venture there.  I’d love to engage in real dialogue, over drinks, treading lightly enough that we can experience laughter, perhaps tears, and where we can be entirely honest without worrying about offending or saying the “wrong thing.”  The goal is honesty.  The goal is truth.  We’ll see how that works out.
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Oct 21, 2017

This is the final Del Bosco (1.3) conversation, "Existential Opportunity."

That you are are reading this, listening to that, right here, right now, means you are the product of survivors and are 100% successful with survival.

That's a big deal, cosmically. Congratulations.

But, when you're just trying to tread water in the deep end of the pool it's extremely difficult to see the big picture.

How do you think about existence when you're just trying your level best TO exist?

It takes practice. And time. And lots of support from other humans. And a bunch of other shit I'm currently neglecting only because it's early and caffeine hasn't yet kicked in.

But spend some time with Gerra, here, just like I did...and you'll find yourself a few steps closer to understanding. I promise.

Remember, on the path from any 0 to any 100, we must always travel through 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. And each step is a macro-spectrum which should be cherished and experienced completely. There's really no need to worry so much about 100. Rather, be here. Now. Always.

And also, listen to more Otis Redding. It'll do you good.



by: E.F. Dugger

Oct 14, 2017

Guess who’s back?

Back again.

Guess who’s back?

Tell a friend.

Del Bosco is back.

Here I will reveal only snippets and themes across the span of these 30 minutes.

Humans as a planetary virus.

Optimism as a species defense mechanism.

There is no other species that destroys itself.  Is there?

I have never felt “less than” in the eyes of any social, political, economic, or media system.

Eric Andre.

Sam Smith.

Gerra and Pixie got Friday the Thirteenthed.


You made light, Unicorn.

(Unicorn did.)


By Eden FD

By: Eden F.D.

Oct 8, 2017

This conversation lit a thought that had been intermittently sparking for months.  So, instead of introducing Gerra where no introduction could do the sheer unicornian awesomeness, I figured I'd share the thought.  Please stick with me now...and listen to the podcast after.

I don't want it for just me, I want it for everyone.

(It = The ultimate goal or achievement of a specific cooperative human endeavor)

Say that phrase out loud.  Let it clank around in your consciousness for a moment.

I don't want it for just me, I want it for everyone.


Now place yourself in a religious/spiritual/ethics mindframe.

For our purposes, I'll say that "It" regarding all three of those related mind frames is, "Pure, unaltered, and complete knowledge of that which is knowable, or ultimate Truth."

Anyone can get behind that to some extent, I imagine.

Do you have yourself in that mindframe?

Now, I don't want it just for me, I want it for everyone.

Is this statement true?

Great, hold that answer in your brain.

Now I'm going to present to you two different mind frames.

Next, think about economics as you understand them.  (Few of us have advanced economics degrees but all of us have to contend with systems of economics.  Money, credit cards, debt, taxation, etc.  Right?

For our purposes, I'll say that "It" regarding how economics pertains to any person is, "The ability to easily live the best life possible."

Again, I feel like anyone can get behind this definition to some extent.

Do you now have yourself in an economic mind frame?

I don't want it just for me, I want it for everyone.

Is that statement true?

Okay, now hold that too!  One more endeavor.

Get yourself in a political mindframe, whatever that means to you.

For the final time, I'll attach what I believe to be an uncontroversial and general definition of "It" as it pertains to personal politics, "When government perfectly supplements and supports the natural social and cooperative tendencies of humans.  No more.  No less.  Perfectly."

Can you dig that?

Great, thanks.  Now, I don't want it just for me, I want it for everyone.

Is THAT statement true?


If you led with "yes" but countered with "no" for either of the additional two, I would only ask that you contemplate why the discrepancy.

And I know, a comment might be, "Well of course I want IT for everyone.  But, I want my definition of IT."

I would then ask you to contemplate...why your definition of "it?"  Are you certain that your definition of "it" is THE definition of "it?"

Because if it's just your definition of "it," then I'd finally ask you to consider if you really do want "it" for everyone.


Please join us for a conversation spanning all that seemed important at the time.  Still does.  Which is why I'm sharing it with you.

-G&G Muzak Factory


Sep 30, 2017

What started as an intro became a half-hour soul search.

If you know me and you have the time, I would appreciate it if you listened to this.

It’s just me. 

But it’s for you. 

I promise.  It’s specifically for you. 

And if you need or want me to be even more specific after you’ve listened, just call my name and I’ll be there.

I love you.

Sep 22, 2017

Today, there be curveballs.

Here you are on a Thursday night and...what's this?  A new D2D Podcast!?

Yes.  I'll be unable to get anything together for the weekend I sit with a lovely tulip of bourbon preparing this little gem for you.

And looking at the's over an hour?  WHAT?!

Indeed.  Now that we're all caught up with the iTunes and the Wordpress and the Libsyn and the Driven2Drink funding (...more like defunding.  I kid. [...I don't kid...]...) I can, for the most part, release the podcasts just about how I want them to be.

Which is somewhere in the vicinity of an hour.

Maybe you're thinking, "Are there outtakes again?  I sure like them!"

There are.

Or, "What bumper music is he going to use?"

Rostam.  The guy is amazing.  I heard him first on the Song Exploder podcast.  Also amazing.

Don't let anyone tell you, "They don't make good music anymore."

This is a lie.  Lots of theys are making incredible aural art, particularly in 2017.  So go find it, and consume it, and expand your brain.  Which is a necessary thing, particularly in 2017.

Here you go, "The Poop Emoji Storm (Del Norris 4.4)."

BTW, this is my goddaughter, Eden's, work.  Here's what she had to say about it during an epic text convo:

anyway for this piece i wanted to mesh like a japanese traditional koi fish paining with a kind of 70s psychedelic vibe so i thought it would b funny if he was talking so i used google translate (which i knew going into this was an unreliable source)

so the top one was supposed to say "help i have fallen" like the life alert commercial bc i was working with the idea that he was in a waterfall

but of course google translate jacked that up so now it says "help me collapse" which is almost haunting but i think it's like 10x funnier

the whole point of adding the words was to look poetic and make ppl think like wow i wonder what that fish is saying but rly the whole thing is a big beautiful shitpost

the bottom left one was supposed to say "the water burns" and it surprising still does

and the bottome right one was supposed to say "i will die a hero" but the translation from google took a dark turn and now it says "i hope the hero will die"

i also have to add the text and speech bubbles were all done in cheap glitter gel pens from 5 below

i tried to make it identifiable to my brand

Sep 16, 2017

Today, D2Dreeps, there be layers.

Every aspect of today's podcast has been deliberately chosen and placed.

Perhaps you give a poop emoji.

Perhaps you have no additional poop emojis to give.  I've run out of them at least every day this month.  But lo and behold there are always additional poop emojis in the recesses of my Abby Normal brain.

In either case, the podcast is quite purposeful today, particularly as you prepare for next week's show, the poop emoji storm.

But for today, we give you, "The Calm Before the Poop Emoji Storm (Del Norris 4.3)."*

*Hey, you need only click on the linked title there and you will be magically redirected to the libsyn site where you can stream or download.**

**Or if you're doing the iTunes thing, just go get it.***


Sep 9, 2017

You may have noticed there was no D2D post this past week.

Actually, if feedback is any indicator, you didn’t notice.

In fact, I’d put money on you, just then, thinking, “Oh yeah.  There wasn’t a post this week.”

And if the stats programs attached to this are accurate and valid, countably few people even care.

I would argue that if we looked at the population of humans who’ve laid eyes on the site, not a representative sample but the actual full population, and considered, as a theoretically quantifiable and measurable emotional variable, “giving a shit,” they would fall WAYYY left. Left being giving fewer shits than theoretically average if all behaviors actually fell on a nice & tidy symmetrical bell curve, right being giving greater shits than average.

See, here’s what that theoretical bell curve is supposed to look like:

And, here’s the population of people who’ve been exposed to Driven2Drink and how much of a shit they give about the actual content:

It’s called “positive skewness,” counter-intuitively enough if you’re just thinking about how it appears.  But skew direction doesn’t match with…

No,  I will not dive too deeply into the bell curve weeds again.

You’ll be there shortly enough as you listen to this second of the four point Del Norris series.

I actually had a point here.

Yessirma’m I did.

You may have noticed there was no D2D post this week.

I’ve decided that I’m just going to post the most polished pieces I can manage whenever they are complete.  If that’s once per week, great.  Once per month, fine.  Three on a singularly epic Monday, sure.  It’s the internet, and you know where they’ll be when you want them.

Podcasts I’ll try to keep on a consistent schedule.  At the very least continuing forward with once per week.  And now that I’m very close to having the Libsyn/iTunes site synced with this, I’ll be able to release episodes that are as long as I want them to be.  Here, I’m limited to 50MB for any upload.  There, the only thing getting in the way of a Truman Showesque Driven2Drink Pod is the amount of money we have in the coffers (…currently precisely zero…) to pay for storage.

Don’t worry, I’ll never do that.  My life, and wife, wouldn’t permit it.

Have fun with this.

“In the Bell Curve Weeds (Del Norris 4.2)”

Oh, and I feel compelled to shine a bright spotlight on the musicians that you’ll hear at the beginning and end.  They’re called, “Band Geeks.”

I’m using this video.  And I’m using this video.  And really, you should just travel on down the Band Geeks rabbit hole.  Kazoo hole.  Whatever.



Sep 9, 2017

I have a distinct memory of the very first time I placed a pair of prescription glasses on my face.

I was about 10 years old, and had needed glasses for some time.  With the prompting of a decent and observant educator, my Mom took me to Sears optical. (“Sears’s,” as my grandmother used to call it.  We Pittsburghers tend to make possessive any store name, as if there is an actual Giant Eagle at the helm of the grocery store, or a dude named K-Mart at the ready when one cannot find whatever cheap shit needs to be found.)

I needed glasses.

After the requisite time for creating said glasses, we returned and I put the glasses on my face in the dimmed, tranquil office of the optometrist.  Sure, there was a difference, but nothing amazing.

We walked out of the office and into a fluorescent, light drenched, color-saturated, maximally contrasted retail maze filled with other active humans with shiny, four-wheeled carts full of distractingly diverse items.

I know I tend toward hyperbole, but this is was the first moment in my life that I experienced hyperbole as an actual thing.  People of a certain age will remember the first time they watched “The Wizard of Oz,” and the scene where Dorothy, along with the entire freaking world, saw Technicolor for the first time.  People of a younger generation might recall watching “The Matrix,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” or perhaps “Inception,” which blasted open some untouched portion of the visual cortex and delivered a thing never before seen or even conceptually possible.

Imagine that…but like YOU actually are Dorothy or Neo, like a dream in which you become that character experiencing the thing that is currently cracking open brains on the other side of the screen…and you can then understand my first moments with those prescription glasses staring at richness, depth, and clarity like I had NEVER experienced.

I ran into things.  I over-reached with my right hand for my left hand. My heart rate rose, pupils dilated…which didn’t help, sweat formed in cracks and crevices.  My brain, in the process of acclimating, was awash with whatever neuro-chemicals cause panic, astonishment, worry, and epiphany.

What does that have to do with this podcast?

Quite a bit actually.

Have a listen.

Sep 4, 2017



I simply needed to allow those of you who follow along here to hear the rest of the conversation from the DelNorris three point series without much delay.

So, here it is.

And John Coltrane…because John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” is like my forever mood.  Overcast.  Cool.  But absolutely chilling within the chill.  Floating on the grey clouds and drinking in the aromas of Fall.


Sep 4, 2017

For those keeping track in the manner I began keeping track of the D2D Pod post Penelope, this would be Del Norris 3.3.

For those now utterly confused, welcome to my brain.

I’m sorry.

(Not as sorry as I am.)

Here are a few handy notes as you move through today’s podcast:

  1. Cochlea
  2. Miller Lite
  3. Under the Table and Dreaming
  4. Geoff is a Bahá’í
  5. 4 Non Blondes
  6. He-Man

Follow along, kiddies, it’s great fun.

We present to you, “What’s Going On?”


Sep 4, 2017

A former Catholic socialist-leaning Clinton-voting Pitt graduate and a reformed Catholic conservative-leaning Reaganite Penn State graduate walk into a basement with wine and whiskey, have a conversation about intelligent design, politics, philosophy, and faith, and come out on the other side with love.

That ain’t bad, huh?

The album Astral Weeks was reportedly recorded in an exceptionally short period of time and the musicians, for the most part, did not use lead sheets.  Van Morrison apparently sat in a booth by himself, the band left to improvise around him whims, words, and moods.  But it ends up something singularly wonderful.  It’s free flowing.  Sloppy at times.  Several of the songs need minutes to really find cohesion.  But the emotional core of this record is as cavernous as the universe, or a human soul, both of which may very well be one and the same.

My favorite conversations, the ones that resonate, provide me with insights and depth even as I’m laughing or frolicking about, making sense or talking nonsense, are the ones that flow like that recording session.



No structure.  Just two or more people in relationship, communicating honestly, attempting to work WITH the shared undercurrent rather than against it, recognizing that we’re not in control of anything but knowing that the thrill of human connection gives us access to whatever is.

I’m thrilled to present to you, “Playing Without Charts,” which might well be subtitled: Del Norris 3.2.


Sep 4, 2017

There are many things worth your time…I’d recommend this podcast as one of them.

Also, and I’m NOT attempting to draw, because there are not any parallels between what I’m laying down and what the following folks have established in this world…Andy Goldsworthy’s documentary, “Rivers and Tides.”  You can watch it free HERE.  If you have any interest in art and/or Ireland and/or Zen Buddhism and/or nature and/or simple human awesomeness, this documentary is for you.

Also, John Coletrane.  If you’re unfamiliar, start HERE.  This is one of my favorite pieces of music ever.  Or, if any of you are Coltrane fans, let me know where you would suggest a novice, or anyone, begin.

When you hear the word cochlea…drink.

Who knew the Driven2Drink podcast could provide the impetus for a fantastic drinking game?  Jason.  Why didn’t I think of this first?  Who cares right?  Cochlea.


Love yinz.

We present to you, “Of Coletrane and Cochleas.”  The music you’ll be hearing is a wonderful new artist, Lianne La Havas, beginning with “Unstoppable” and ending with “What You Don’t Know.”  Also, be sure to check out her Tiny Desk Concert, HERE.

Sep 3, 2017

I’m an only child who has been fortunate/blessed/karmically-enabled with a Dugger-sized family of non-blood brothers, and those of you who know what I’m talking about will get this immediately…blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Jim is my brother.

You’ve already met Brian, R.J., Mark, Guido, and Jason on this podcast.  Tony on Facebook if you hang out there.  They are my brothers.  You’ve not met Phillip.  He’s my brother, too.

But Jim…this one is for Jim.  I was a Resident Assistant in Lothrop Hall at the University of Pittsburgh.  Fall 1994 through Spring 1995.  Jim was a resident.  Jim and I were also members of the Heinz Chapel Choir.  Some of you are former members.  We made music…did we not?  Jim and I were also part of what I’d argue was the first contemporary a cappella group on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.  Like, what kids know today from the Pitch Perfect movies or The Sing Off.  It was the winter of 1993.  Having rehearsed an Angeles arrangement of “Always Something There to Remind Me,” we, six people named “The Five Bucks,” prepared to perform at the Friday night improvs in the basement of the Cathedral of Learning.  We got bumped.  Indignant and boisterous, we six 5 Bucks exited the Cathedral, stood at the front entrance, and put on a performance for our friends and whoever was interested enough to freeze their collective asses off in the middle of a blustery Pittsburgh Winter.  (Here is a bit more of the history from the Pitt Pendulums’ website.  There you can follow the inception and progress of co-ed contemporary a cappella at Pitt.)

And through those experiences, along with a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl in 1995 (…I believe Jim’s Mom won one of those contests through a snack brand…enter a code, mail a thing, call a number, eat enough Doritos, you know…for an all expenses trip for two…), the highlight of which was stumbling upon a free Chuck Berry concert (…yes, you read that right…), Jim became my brother.

There are other brothers as well, and my hope is to introduce them to you.  For now, however, let’s finish this conversation with Jim.

We present to you, “The Sam Harris Problem…Resolved.”


Sep 3, 2017

I trust, if you’ve processed and are familiar with any single element of the title and/or the meme below and if you know me and my connection to those elements, that you understand sarcasm.

However, if that first paragraph simply confuses you, know this…today’s conversation with James has depth, humor, and honesty.  Of course, you’ll be the judge of that, but I hope you do listen.

Oh, and yes Virginia, there is a first official D2D sponsor.

We present to you, “The Sam Harris Problem.”

Sep 3, 2017

Here’s the thing.

Apparently I’ve come to love using the phrase, “Here’s the thing,” which is the newest of conversational fillers I’ve come to incorporate into my speech.  And here’s the thing, I hate it.

Here’s another thing.

Reddit is all the things all the time.  It’s like culture shock on the streets of Calcutta.  It’s like that box from Hellraiser which, if unlocked, gives the user all of the sensory input all at once at maximum volume.  It’s simply…entirely too overwhelming for me.

Here’s one final thing.

4Chan is Satan’s asshole.  I don’t have any evidence of this, except maybe the Trump presidency, but even that is conjecture on my part.

I love you all.  This is a fact.

I’ve included a couple of pieces of wonderful music.  “Come Close” by Common feat. Mary J. Blige, and “Blue’s Music” by G. Love and Special Sauce.

We present to you, “Reddup Your Reddit"


Sep 2, 2017

This podcast might be the pure encapsulation of how much I adore my wife and, when I unpack my suitcases and have a few angst-depleted breaths to simply exist, my life.

Sitting outside with Jen as the sun finds it’s daily nest at the Western horizon, a small but substantial fire crackling between us, the dog relaxed, wine and spirits, old-school soul and R&B playing on a Bluetooth speaker, the temperature purt’ near perfect.

Then…the skies erupt in sheets of unrelenting rain.

Jen works extra hard, my one-person grounds crew, to ensure Penelope and the rest of the recording equipment stay dry and safe…even as her glass of oak-aged Spanish red fills with rainwater, her clothes clinging to her now shivering body wet from the deluge. (Feels like this is going in a certain direction.  It’s not.)

And finally…we have a conversation, albeit brief, in which I come to love her even more than I had just seconds previously. (I dunno, maybe it actually did.)

Come for the company, linger for a laugh, but stay for the music.

Alliteration be damned.

We present to you, “Rain Delays and Sun Rays Always Flip My Frown (Fireside Chat 1).”


Sep 2, 2017

Today, Jim schools me.

No better way to state it.

I learn about SOGIE.

That’s sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.  Now, there’s no great revelation having two fairly straight, completely white dudes discuss things entirely outside of their expertise or experience.  However, what you have here are two fairly straight, completely white dudes who are NOT…as you know if you’ve listened in the past or know either/both of us…stereotypically defensive, hyper-masculine, closed-minded, dogmatically-handcuffed straight white dudes.

Point is, you should listen…and if you have a relevant experience set from a marginalized/oppressed community, please comment.  Hell, I’d love to talk with you.  This is about growth, about learning, about relationship, about waking up and doing something to ensure inclusion and equality.  Really, if you feel compelled to speak, I’d love to sit down with you.

I also learn about Gregory.

That’s me.

Only my wife has been able to communicate with me about my tendency to lecture and preach.  It’s not easy to share insights with another person if that other person is not ready to hear those insights.  Also, it’s impossible to effectively communicate those insights if one is not coming from a place of loving kindness.

Well, Driven2Drink is a safe space for me, and Jim is a friend and guru of sorts in my life.

When I lecture and/or preach…the message only reaches a tiny choir, alienates a large group of people I honestly don’t want to alienate, and demeans others.  I really don’t dig on demeaning people.

I am superior to no person.  Inferior to no person.

It’s a falsehood from the jump, particularly if one’s path is toward inclusion and equality.

I know, in the past, I’ve come off as a hyper-intellectual, social justice warrior bully with a superiority complex.  I’ll likely do it again.  (I’ll try not to, though.  I’m working on it.  On me.)

However, you may call me on all of that bullshit…because that’s all it is.  A cow patty in the middle of a verdant field of possible truth…and I step in it entirely too often.

Anyway, please sit for a spell, or go for a nice hike or jog with us plugged into your ears, and listen.

We present to you, “Château Cishet (LlewDellyn 1.3).”

(oh…the final thing you hear is this totes adorbs kid)


Sep 2, 2017

Performative enlightenment is not enlightenment.

A self-aggrandized mitzvah is no mitzvah.

A public soliloquy of wokeness remains sleeping.

On this podcast, Jim gave me several gifts…certainly the gift of friendship is first and foremost.  But also, a safe space in which I could explore my idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies.  And finally, insight.

Through the course of recording this podcast I grew.  Perhaps just a little bit, but a significant little bit nonetheless.

As I reviewed the conversation for editing and polishing, I grew again.  A little bit more.

I emerged a bit further from my slumber and inched forward on my path toward enlightenment.  And whether or not Jim realized it (…and the fact that he likely didn’t realize it allows me to state the following with full confidence…) he performed a mitzvah.

He’s a good boy.  A great friend.

Have a listen, will you?

Sep 2, 2017

Fun facts that you’ll learn today:

  1. Wilton Felder played that iconic bassline on “I Want You Back,” by the Jackson 5.
  2. Wilford Brimley, famous for diabeetus and whatnot, did not.
  3. Jaco Pistorious, influential jazz bassist, was born in Norristown, PA.
  4. Oscar Pistorious, murderous blade-legged Olympic sprinter, was not.
  5. A proper term for a cluster or group of teenagers would be: Snapchat.  (Yo, did you see that snapchat of teens?  Let me apply this annoying filter to the photo I took of them.)

I guarantee there is at least one new thing you learned here.

For that, you might consider donating as little as $1/month to our fine establishment.  Here is the patreon link.

Or, you could just have a chuckle and spread the love.

You will hear, “I Want You Back” by those five Jacksons, and also “I Like to Move It” by Reel 2 Real.  Not Will.I.Am.  Or Sacha Baron Cohen.  Or other people.

We present to you, “We Want You Back (LlewDellyn 1.1).”

Aug 26, 2017

I  know, we had Llewellynsanity, so this is technically Jim’s two-point (2.0/2.1/2.2/etc.) experience in the luxurious Driven2Drink studios and makeshift gastropub (Jen’s the chef, Greg’s the mixologist, and it’s a righteous pairing).  However, when one transcends being a mere guest, which Jim has done and likely had done during his actual one-point series, that guest gets inextricably melded with me and thus the podcast name must reflect the growth.  In this case: LlewDellyn.

Notably, you’re actually going to listening to the second thirty or so minutes of our time together.  Why?  Because I was in a bad, bad place for the first recording.  For the first and hopefully only time in the history of this podcast, I entered the recording maximally energized, opinionated, loud, and drunk.  Like, just jumped in at nearly wasted.  It wasn’t pretty.  Now, I’ve cut out bits and pieces of that recording and will be sharing them with yinz in the upcoming weeks.  Jim had the uncanny and unwitting ability to render me in an almost catatonic, absolutely incapacitated, silent laugh.  You’ll get to experience a few of those.

But for today, you get to hear Jim attempting to relate a story about Prince playing, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” with a star-studded band at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

You should actually watch it.  If you’ve never, do yourself a favor.


Why do I qualify Jim’s action with the word, “attempting,” you might ask?

Because your humble host did everything he (…that’s me…) could to derail the train.  The whole thing ends up being quite funny.  Almost everything I wanted out of the first half hour but was unable to manage or control given my state of being and inebriation.

So here you are, we present to you, “A Lovely Day (LlewDellyn 1.0).”

And yes, you’ll hear the great Bill Withers at the end.

Have a lovely day.

Aug 19, 2017

See that title?


Those are the words that escaped (“exscaped”) my mouth (“mouf”) anytime I attempted to say, “Venn Diagram,” until approximately my fortieth birthday.  Not 14th. 40th. Four…zero…th.  Hell, if I have an intense enough buzz going, it still pops out (“aht”).

Sven diagram.

Think about that, you might have found yourself interacting with a grown-ass, literate, fairly intelligent man who thought it was perhaps a recipe illustration from the Swedish chef.



Anyway, here you are.  You’ve arrived at the conclusion of the Del Norris two-point series.

We talk about people who saved my life, bad ball hauling, and art teachers.

What the eff does that mean?

Listen to find out.

We present to you, “Sven Diagram (Del Norris 2.4)”

And Chance the Rapper.  Dude is exceptional.

Aug 19, 2017

I recently learned that aggregated Google search data reveals more about what we really think than we are EVER willing to admit out loud.

Said differently, a Google search history is a considerably purer reflection of what you REALLY think than is anything that you’re willing to speak or write out loud.

Each of us, it turns out, like to appear to be a certain way. We present version of ourselves to our friends, family, colleagues, and the world…but that’s rarely who we actually are.

Turns out your search history alone can reveal just about ALL of that stuff you keep locked up in the recesses of your brain.

The algorithms that capture our searches and browsing tendencies are sophisticated and so pervasively embedded in our digital experiences (e.g. smart watches, phones, tablets, televisions, and gaming systems; along with the computers in our briefcases, offices, cars, and, for some people, damn near everything) that we don’t even realize what anyone could learn about us.

Which is pretty damn near everything.

Now think about this:

Each of us is spoon fed personalized news based upon the above-illuminated artificial intelligence and and its unfettered access everything we say, consume or even, given the fact that we inadvertently share with Google and other search forums our deepest, darkest, most personal secrets, what we think.

Your computer can predict what you will do with extraordinary accuracy well before even you can wade through all of your emotional and psychological biases and defense mechanisms to figure out the truth.

I know, right.

The thing on which you’re reading this right now knows you better than you know you. (It’s true, I promise. And deep. Way deep.)

Well, in this podcast, as Jason and I explore the middle of the social and political Venn diagram, this is the precise insight that punches me squarely in gut then hits me with an unexpected uppercut as I double over in emotional pain.

That, and some utterly shallow, really hilarious stuff at the end.
Also, “Typical Situation” by DMB. (I know, for those who will listen to the podcast just below and catch it, the song is NOT “Difficult Situation.”)

We present to you, “Exploring the Venngina (Del Norris 2.3).”

Aug 19, 2017

I’m slowly emerging from the recent funk that pervaded my neuro-chemistry, but in this particular recording, the Del Norris Venngina quartet, I was both swimming in pessimism and, given the nature of things, ready for insights that would usher me out of the dark and toward the light.

Jason asked me, “What are the three critical attributes you’re looking for in a President?”

And it absolutely stumped me.

I didn’t know.

And this morning, as I sit here typing these words, I still don’t know how to answer.

For as informed a citizen as I promote myself, I am woefully underinformed.

For as confident as I spout opinion after opinion into the mediasphere, I am drowning in insecurity.

For as much as I yap about learning and listening, I am still yapping.

An underinformed, insecure, blow-hard…is not what I want to be.

So, I’ll keep having these conversations and grinding away at the burrs, blemishes, and inconsistencies.

Join us, won’t you?  We present to you, “Entering the Venngina (Del Norris 2.2).”

Music by the incomparable Patsy Cline.

Aug 19, 2017

This week, and across the upcoming month, Jason and I will dive deep, yet again, and find common ground where just several years ago we would have envisioned none.

This week, we will learn more about the following:

  • Homemade banana cream pie (…sublime)
  • Recording without headphones (…don’t worry, it sounds great)
  • Innuendo (…it’s not just an Italian suppository)
  • The iCockRing (…interface [in ‘er face!] with all of your Apple products)
  • Samsung anal beads (…careful, sometimes the battery blows up, but you never know which bead it’s in.  It’s like Russian roulette for your ass!)
  • Sharon Stone in “Fatal Pussy” (…also known as “Basic Instinct”)
  • Black jelly beans and scotch (…are kind of amazing)
  • Do I have ADD? (…yes, I believe I do)
  • The Gipper and a political cliff hanger (…exhumed zombie Ronnie as 46?  Stay tuned to hear)

The closing music is the amazing Rag’n’Bone Man with, “Human.”  (Video)

In collaboration with Del Norris Productions and Driven2Drink Studios, we present to you, “Opening the Venngina (Del Norris 2.1).”


Aug 19, 2017

It is theorized that only six degrees of separation exist between any two people connected to the modern world.

It is a truism that every person I know is one degree of separation from me, and thus no more than two degrees from each other.

However, I’ve encountered an unnerving number of people in my life who are, in fact, only one degree of separation from each other (i.e. regardless of me) but who don’t make immediate or obvious sense given my perspective.

Who cares?

Me, I suppose.

And perhaps you, because you are now one degree of separation from me and, to quote myself from above, thus no more than two degrees from each other.


Or not.

Anyway, here is the final bits of a conversation we had with Brian.

To begin, though, a bit of Greg…then a bit of Led Zeppelin (“Stairway to Heaven”)…and to conclude a bit of The Beatles, who also give us the title of this podcast, “With a Little Help From My Friends.”

Have fun.


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